Scripts and data necessary to reproduce figures from "Quantifying uncertainty in aggregated climate change risk assessments"
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function handle=header(xpos,ypos,string,varargin)
% HEADER(xpos,ypos,string) Write a text string in a
% specified place on the current figure.
% A bogus set of axes is used - so it's best to call
% this LAST, especially if using SUBPLOT.
% By default, the fontsize is 6pt larger than current default,
% and text alignment is center/top.
% Required Inputs:
% xpos,ypos the location (0.5,1 is centre top)
% string the input string
% Optional Inputs:
% varargin any TEXT arguments
if isempty(xpos), xpos=0.5;, end
if isempty(ypos), ypos=1;, end
if isempty(k), varargin={varargin{:},'fontsize',fsize};, end
% Get current axes handle and create big invisible axes
h=axes('Position',[0 0 1 1],'Visible','off');
% Return control to old axes
if nargout>0, handle=h;, end